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earn reward points
Introducing Reward Points

Wanna get reward for the hard work of organising lunch and dinner for yourself, workmates, friends or family?? 
Get your reward points for each order you place. 
Earn Reward Points which are redeemable for a discount on your meal when you order a meal.
Check out the 
rewards details here.

1. How it Works

Get 2 Reward Points for every ZMW 1 spent which means each time you order a meal,
Total Reward Points earned on your order = Total Order bill (ZMW) x 2 Points.

2. Get a ZMW 20 Discount voucher for every 2000 points accumulated.

How to redeem your ZMW 20 Discount Voucher

Once you accumulate a minimum of 2000 points on your account,
the system automatically applies a ZMW 20 discount on your next order
and voila you have redeemed your voucher.

Yes, it's that easy so.........................
Start Ordering Now!!!

Check your rewards points!

Step 1

Simply login to your account.

Step 2

On the left hand menu select rewards.


Step 3

Your total rewards points which you accumulate from all delivered orders is listed at the top.